We began PMR Auto in January 2004 with one idea in mind: make it as easy for people to buy quality vehicles as it is to buy electronics, clothes, and household items. In other words, make it as easy to buy a car as it is to buy everything except a car! Why is the car business stuck in the dark age of sleazy tactics and psychological games? Isn’t that all just a waste of time and an insult to smart, informed customers? In a word… yes! At the time we had about a dozen friends and family who became our first clients, and by June of that year we knew we had put together a revolutionary way of doing business that was non-intimidating, non-stressful, fun for the customer, and fun for us! Thousands of happy customers later, we run our business on that same principle.

Feel free to contact one of our member owners with any questions you might have. We’d love to hear from you!

Brad Andrus

275 W Main Street
American Fork, UT 84003